Welcoming Myself to Opinions Optional

Aug 23 2011

So, I purchased three domain names this evening! Please see below:

truf.us (also kyle.truf.us)

I’m still not sure which I should go with as my default, so I’m up for suggestions!

I’ve got all of my mail ported over to Google, and a trial Google Apps account started!

My internal DNS is resolving my webserver on my local subnet, so now staging will be a cinch!  Not to mention that if my Dynamic IP Address changes, I can still VPN in and my blog wont be lost (Though it may not resolve for you).

All-in-all, I’m pretty happy with my decision to purchase the above domains. I hope that you all enjoy reading my posts, as much as I enjoy posting them!

Good-night everyone, and to everyone, a good-night!

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